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"I couldn’t be happier for the outstanding job that was done detailing my car.  Christopher not only did an excellent job, he also took the time to explain in detail what he was doing and how to maintain the car to look great.  He is very professional in his work, his demeanor, and also in his customer service.  When he completed the job, I just stood there in amazement with how great the car looked. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is considering getting their car detailed.  I will certainly be using him again and again for my vehicles."

- Steve K.
"Great detailing work and excellent service from Christopher. I especially appreciate the quality job restoring my headlights. I thought I was going to have to buy new ones, but thanks to Christopher they look brand new!"

- Ruth M.
"I was blown away at the detail displayed while cleaning my car! Christopher cleaned my car like it was his own! I am so happy with my detail, it looks like new again!! Thank you Christopher."

- Ben J. Jr.
Jeffersonville IN
"Christopher Wenger has detailed my vehicles exclusively the last few years, his work is second to none.

The attention to detail will speak for itself, I have been searching for a detail company that will actual detail a vehicle as advertised.

With Christopher you get your money worth, I will continue to do business with him as long as he will have me.

The interior looked new, the exterior hasn’t shined like this sense it was Brand New.

The waxing equipment he uses is outstanding and he knows what he is doing with it too. Very Dependable!

Strongest recommendation possible for Every Last Detail and this Young Christian Man working hard to do good work for his customers."

- James S.
Scottsburg IN
"I loaned my car to my Daughter to drive while her car was in the repair shop! She picked up Minnows from the bait shop! On the way to the lake the bag of minnows broke open and flooded my Ford Escape! After a week the fish smell was awful!

I hired Christopher to detail my Escape to get rid of the awful dead fish smell!  
Christopher did a fantastic job cleaning and getting rid of the dead fish smell in my car! Christopher worked really hard and did a excellent job cleaning and most of all I have no dead fish odors in my car!
I highly recommend Christopher’s detailing services to anyone needing their car brought back to its original new car appearance!"

- Rose Mary K.
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